Here’s the Deal.

I keep telling myself it is probably a dream. I’m actually 28, and it’s a nightmare that I have a dysfunctional back, a blind eye, a pseudo-husband with cancer, a personal problem that I am not ready to discuss fast homepage but want to, and am unemployed, broke, busted, and disgusted!

So I close my eyes, and drift off, secure in the knowledge that this too shall pass.

Then I open them. It didn’t pass. It’s me. This is real life. This is my life!

And I’d damn well better get used to it!

I plan to live a good, long time. And I plan to enjoy it to the max. After solving that little personal problem, and finding some method of earning a living that my #*%! body can handle. I’m working on that. (I know. I must be kidding myself!) Okay, I guess I am!

But I can’t drive due to the eye, and I can’t teach, because with my back and bad balance from The Eye, I’d knock the children down the steps and kill them. Accidentally! This wouldn’t look good on my record. You know?

So I’m bopping along, trying to stay afloat, and trying to find a way to last a bit longer in this wonderful world we call the America From Hell.

Too harsh? OK. I’ll try to chill out while you read a blog post.

More to come. I really do hope you stay tuned. My mood is getting a lot better! :cool:

What do you think?

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11 Responses to “Home”

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  1. HeelShields says:

    Saw your question on the blogger post asking where to get started. That was really good, most people just show up, post their stuff and wait for the magic. Since you are a real person I decided I better stop by. I think I may keep ‘stopping by.”
    HeelShields recently posted..Hottest Boot EverMy ComLuv Profile

  2. Mamacita says:

    This must be how prospectors who struck gold feel.

    But seriously, it would be an ACCIDENT. Just have your hit list ready before you approach the stairs. Oh, hush, we all have one.

    My mood is better already, and I intend to stay tuned. I’ve already missed far too much.

    Mamacita recently posted..I Base Most Of My Fashion Sense on What Doesn’t ItchMy ComLuv Profile

    • My hit list is always ready! And you are right. To be without one probably means the individual in question is dead!

      I’m so glad you came by, Mamacita. I love your blog! And I’m so glad that I happened upon you today on Facebook. Accidentally.

      Isn’t life chancy? Good to see you here as well. :)

  3. Want to come stuff some bags? It’s a real mood booster!
    Bodaciousboomer recently posted..Where’s a vomit bag when you really need oneMy ComLuv Profile

  4. I found you guys through Extreme John, and I am almost 60 years old! Yes, the America of today is far different then what we knew as kids.
    Chris@Hillsborough County Restraining Order Blog recently posted..Love Is Blind – Trying To Break Bad RelationshipsMy ComLuv Profile

  5. Paula, the question above the comment box reads, “What do you think?”

    I think I’m damned lucky to have crossed paths with Keith Davis which led me down a pathway to your front door. It’s been a pleasant jaunt.

    You’ve said a mouthful here and I adore and admire your blatant candor! I’m a gal who tells it like it is and if you’re not willing to do that on your blog, I say …

    Fold up your tent and leave camp!

    I’m pretty sure everyone has asked you this already, but have you considered writing a book? Please put me on your advanced notice waiting list. :)

    • And I feel the same way about him, and now you as well! What a wealth of great new people I’m meeting through Theresa and Keith.

      Thanks a MILLION for coming by. Yepper, I do tell the truth here. It’s a great relief, actually. People do ask me about a book, assuming I’m writing one. I say yes, I am, and have been for 20 years. Does that give you a clue about its lack of wonderfulness? I trash more than I keep!

      I’ll be looking for you on my wanderings, and can’t wait to see you again on the internet. You clearly write well—are YOU writing? :D

  6. Oh young one it would appear that we’re trying to accomplish the exact same thing. My blog will be 2 in July and I haven’t made any appreciable monies from it yet; but I’m still holding out hope.

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