what should I write about on my blog

Wowza. I’ve been putting off writing this page for so long that I’d forgotten that I’d put an idiotic little note here, just to be a placeholder for an hour or two:

This page is all about me. All. About. ME. Me, me, me.

Now, that shouldn’t worry me. What’s a couple hours, right? Wron-Go, since I’m the person in question. I left it there for two months! How embarrassing is that? But (sigh) I’m afraid it is typical of me when I’m in doubt about something.

And I’ve been in doubt about this blog. Blogs are to have content, content, content, they say, and that content is to be mainly about one thing, one niche, one area of expertise or interest. Oh, sure, you can walk away from it for a bit and write about something else, but basically you need to keep the purpose behind the blog in mind. They say.

Well! Huh. I have so many reasons for writing that they would drown a sidewalk-sized chunk of styrofoam.

Here are just a few things I think and feel strongly about:

  • teaching children who are struggling readers
  • being a beginning blogger and telling the story of how it goes
  • figuring out how to help other bloggers to learn to write (sorry!)(but o so true, all too often as I read)
  • being in my late 50s, aging (and beyond), and what is happening to me
  • my own history, life and story. It’s been interesting in some parts. Honest!
  • one BIG personal problem that will, for now, remain nameless (if you are thinking that it must be embarrassing, you are terribly correct.)

But what to choose? How on earth do I decide? Is there a compromise I can make? I have another site going for the kids, but do I want both? Can I keep up with two? Am I certain I want to continue as a teacher who still makes very little money, but now online? No. I’m not sure anymore.

Maybe I want to work at something else. Or maybe I want to try to solve my “problem” here, where my process might help others. AGGHHH!

I surely hope to get some ideas from your comments (if any!) At least tell me which things interest you, if any. It would be a start, right? I know, I know! This is something I have to decide for myself.

But I’m all alone here, and can’t get out much. You folks ARE my friends who I talk things over with. There aren’t any others hidden here In Real Life! (Okay, maybe one. Two, maybe. Maximum. That’s it!)

My life is quite, quite solitary. Even with a pseudo-husband!

What do you think?

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  1. What do I think?

    I think this is one the best ‘about’ pages I’ve ever read. I’m madly in love with you already Paula.

    You can write about anything your little ole heart desires if you continue to do so with your marvelous sense of hilarity. And delightful honesty.


    • How kind of you to have visited and looked me up! I very much enjoyed your blog too, and will be going back often. Thanks for the compliments, though I think you’ve gone a bit far for my schizophrenic writing. ;)

      I am looking forward to getting into one groove or another, like you have done, and then will work on getting good at it. I’ll be talking to you soon in your own comments.

      • The pleasure was ALL mine Paula! I can’t wait for more of my friends to discover you. If I can support you at all, just ask!

        Speaking of comments … I’ve got to get crackin’! I’ve read a bunch of your posts, now it’s time for this girl to participate! :)


  2. Sandra Parrotto says:

    Hi Paula,

    Back to the questions you’re grappling with…Karen well-covered my thoughts about your blog activity overall – particularly keeping your personal blog separate. I would talk a little about vulnerability.

    V is an individual choice… there are some who create a huge draw because they say it like it is – without any regard for others’ view of them. It’s kind of like, you can follow me or not…I’m gonna be me.

    There are others who plan their so-called message around their message and use their V to make those messages more human.

    You have to decide how much V you’re comfortable with. What you can stand in and not feel defensive when comments “miss the point” or even critique you for writing it.

    Personally, I like the V ones, when they capture, with words, some experience that I have felt and provide an opportunity for me to reflect. It appears that writing something you are moved by, in the beginning of a blog, is completely appropriate. You created your blog to write about your views. People, like me, will read it because they are “your views”.

    Over time, I imagine that the substance, theme will emerge – you’ll notice that 10 of your last 15 posts were about X – then you can decide to give them their own tab… :)

    Lastly, I think giving your activity some distinguishing words makes sense. Like – Thoughts about the process of reinventing myself or Stuff I see in the world that just doesn’t make sense or ways to help kids…. – so that those who visit kinda know what they’re gonna be invited to read about.

    Well… there’s my two cents, happy to give more feedback, answer other questions if you have them… good luck!

    • Vulnerability is most definitely the thing I am arguing over inwardly! You really nailed it. What valuable insight you’ve given!

      Like you, I tend to like openness. I think that’s how I want to be. As Karen said, I should be careful because I do have a teaching blog. But that’s part of the situation. I’ve been careful about things because of that for so long. Maybe it’s time to—to be totally and completely cliché—be me?

      That’s the way my heart is leaning. Open, honest, upfront, and damn the torpedoes! It may mean I have to let the teaching go. On the other hand, if I’m still excelling at that (I am, with the kids I have so far), maybe NOT? I seriously doubt those folks will be interested in this side of things.

      Thank you, Miss! I almost called you your Twitter name, but stopped. ;D

  3. Paula,

    For whatever it’s worth, here are my thoughts. As you say, you have to decide for yourself–but having input and suggestions from others can help.

    You have one blog about your teaching. That’s your profession, it’s great, keep it separated from personal posts that might dilute your professional message. (And especially keep that embarrassing thing out of it.)

    Thoughts about whether you want to continue teaching and, if not, what direction you want to take, would be best on your personal blog. Let’s not scare away clients until you’re sure you no longer need them.

    As for the personal blog, you can be more free with that. The next four items in your list intermingle. You’re a new blogger, but as you learn you want to help other new bloggers; that’s natural if you’re a teacher. You’re a blogger “of a certain age.” (Shh… it’s a secret, but I almost named my blog “7 squared + 1″ until I realized I’d have to update the name yearly.) And share some interesting personal stories because, honestly, there’s already a glut on the market of bloggers blogging about blogging to other bloggers. Write about the real world now and then, why don’t we?

    Allow those to mix in a way that is uniquely Paula.

    Now about that last item on your list… In my humble opinion, you should keep it out of your blogging until you are no longer embarrassed about it. Guessing here, that probably means until you reach some sort of resolution in your life that makes you comfortable with it as a rough spot endured and a lesson learned. Then share your lesson with the world–but until then, keep it private, or at least keep it off the Internet.

    Set a schedule you can live with for both blogs. I find plenty of topics come from real life and two posts a week is sufficient for my personal blog. Better to write a little and have people wishing you wrote more. Unless you decide to make writing/blogging your new career, volume is not an issue.

    Does that help any? Would you like to disagree with me? I’m open to brain-storming with you about this if you wish.

    • See why I love you? You are such a dang good thinker! You have given me grand advice, much to think about, and best of all: it’s ALL precisely the kinds of things I’ve been wrestling with!

      Yep. You’re a keeper, Karen. But then, we both already knew that. ;D Thank you!

  4. Hi Paula,
    The pseudo-husband seems to be a good bet.

    I don’t think I can be of much help except let you know that I think all of the topics sound interesting. What could make it unique is your take on it. Maybe you can tackle all those topics from the point of view of your dominant personal perspective/preoccupation/identifier at this time.
    a teacher who is handling a big personal problem, how the teaching experience has helped deal with it or NOT…
    or a teacher who is handling life in her late 50′s ,
    a teacher who is also learning about blogging etc.
    a teacher talking about her interesting personal history/life.
    a teacher and her pseudo husband

    The common theme is the personal identifier/characteristic. What will be unique is how that characteristic/identifiere views different situations.

    my 2 cents :) . All the best.

    • You, my friend, have really got something there. You’re right. The teacher in me never leaves, and always affects my thinking. Dang. Dangit! You have just been a tremendous help in my thinking process. You are right! Thank you so much for coming by and giving me that 2 cents!

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