A Kitten. Her Toy. And (of course) Stephen Colbert.

charming kitten with red ball

Ah LUV you, cute little baby cat. Will U be mine?

Think this is cute? Kind of adorable? Yep, even though I love me mah doggehs, I gotta love the kittehs too. Have had 5 in my life.

But damn! I saw the following picture and had to go, “Ohhhhh….” And of course I wept briefly. Why wouldn’t I?

But mainly I just said the ohhhh thing, and then stared back and forth for a while between the two photos, trying to figure out if the damn Commies or maybe even the Koch Brothers (who are buying the American dream right away from the people) had “fixed” the pic to fool us all.

But now I’m convinced it wasn’t either of those evil entities, and that it is, in fact, an absolutely charming and adorable picture of a cat at two very different phases of its life.

It really touched me. Maybe it will you too. Let’s see:

sweet cat as baby and grown with same toy
Image courtesy of http-//i.imgur.com/XY91Q.jpg

Am I right? Couldn’t you just die for this cat and her toy baby? I could.

If you have a cat, hell, I’m feeling so sentimental now about my long-gone kitties (whom I never gave a toy that was loved this much, and I feel so guilllltyyyy…) please. Tell me about your beloved feline? Seriously. Tell me. I’m not joking!

And at that box where it says Comment Luv? That means it will link somewhere. Link to your blog if you want. OR link to the most adorable picture you have of the best cat you ever loved. It’s up to you, and either is just dandy with me! :)

Or, alternatively, of course, because I’m just that kind of a gal, tell me just how obnoxious you find me for falling in love this easily! Or—whatever.

Right now I’m just all about peace, love and understanding.


I miss my kits.


To follow up:
I just received a very serious question which I feel I must address immediately.
Q: Why is this tagged under Hey. Gotta Dog?
A. The answer saddens me, but it is what it is and must be faced. I woke up last Saturday, came to my blog, and to my horror, my Hey. Gotta Cat? tag had disappeared. Vanished. Vamoosed. Gone, baby, gone. I grieved for a while, then realized, “Hey. No, I don’t.” And then a great feeling of serenity came over me.

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  1. Hi Paula, Beautiful post. What would we do without the wonderful and loving animals in our lives? The last kitty I had was named Popcorn. I was seven years old. A long time ago. My mom developed allergies to them and unfortunately so did I. Though their dander triggered my asthma — they have always given me the friendliest of greetings and attention — whenever I have visited a house with a kitty. I’m doing so this weekend when I drive north to see my daughter! Perhaps they seek me out because they sense the spirit of my beloved Popcorn and are stopping by to say “Hello”! Purrrr
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