Baby Boomers: Our Unemployment Will Be Forever

thousands of unemployed in depression

Thousands of the unemployed in 1930s Great Depression

Am I behind the times or WHAT? DANG!

Silly me! Somehow I missed this 60 Minutes segment when it aired in October, 2010. Kinda glad I didn’t see it then. I wasn’t really up for it.

The people (all unemployed) are either broke or heading there fast. One is excited about a job as a Walmart salesperson.

A former shopaholic is now selling instead of buying. Selling what, you ask? Trash.

Another formerly professional lady is getting help from Mom, as she’s “still her baby.” Moms are great. But Mom is 83. The daughter really thought it would be vice versa by now.

abandoned luxury office building

Yepper, folks. That's YAHOO!

The segment talks about the 99 weeks of unemployment ending for so many people. And these particular people are from a place I never dreamed would have so many poor: Silicon Valley.

I heard that the empty office buildings there (and they’re shiny, new ones!) equal 15 Empire State Buildings.

Like a fool, I never took my unemployment. I was so sure I’d find a school where I’d teach, after my back healed from surgery.

Silly me, I didn’t take disability either. Then my back didn’t heal. So a couple more years went by. That was quite some time ago.

I hunted for a teaching job for two years. Finally, beaten, I realized that nobody would hire me since I would cost more than new teachers because of my experience. Plus, I was old in their eyes. So I began to feel that way.

blackboard says success


I even started wondering if maybe I were a bad teacher. Luckily I banished that thought pretty quickly. That wasn’t it.

Silly me. Why didn’t I understand that there would be no job immediately, or in fact, ever??

I guess it was hard for most Americans to imagine a time when there wouldn’t be work even if you were willing to do entry level stuff. We know better now.

If you’re like me and didn’t see this segment, it’s seriously depressing. But it’s made me feel better too, because it reminds me that 1) I’m not alone in this situation, and 2) because I have Bob, I am at least not on the street.


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