6 Reasons Why Steve Jobs & Apple Dumped Flash

woman drops the apple

TweetShare There is a big debate raging on Twitter, in forums, in blog comments and a thousand million other places, long after the decision was made, about Apple no longer supporting Flash. Some think it’s selfish. Others think it’s brilliant. Most don’t care. I’m one of the rare non-tech types who is interested. That’s because I [...]


My Love Affair with HTML5: Another Lovely Toy!

green apple plunges into bubbly water

TweetShare I’ve written before about my love for the newest things on the web: the stuff that couldn’t even have been imagined when I first came online in the early 1990′s, in the heyday of AOL and bulletin boards and what were mostly text sites with cheesy clip art. Yessir, even back in the olden days we [...]


Ya Gotta Love Apple! Even Their Email Rules!

scrumptious red apple

I love me my Apple. Even their email rules, as you can see in the exhibit below. I love me my Apple. I'm scared about what will happen to my future computer life if Steve Jobs doesn't return for some reason.


HTML5? I’m Too Old For This! But Trés Coolio!

cool picture of a woman using a huge transparent screen

OK, play the damn thang. --> The Wilderness Downtown fingers tapping at a keyboard in the sunset *Additional snarkiness on Arctic Fire: Wired claims that they took part in this Google experiment not to advance technology and the beauty and innate kindness that is mankind...


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