Goodbye, Unions. Hello Plutocracy: Government by the Wealthy

stacked gold and moneyIn response to the people who feel the unions  in Wisconsin are out of line and are asking too much, by wishing to retain the right of collective bargaining: (Keep in mind that they’ve willingly and without argument given in to all requests for financial rearrangement…)

I agree with you in every way on your views and feelings.

a money roll full of cashBut there is a major exception/difference. This isn’t about unions, OR wages, OR about learning.

This is about massive wealth, paid for in great part by the Koch Brothers and dozens of others like them, to bust the unions, but not for any of the things you’re talking about.

When Citizens United was decided by the Supreme Court, only two entities were given the power to spend money freely as “individuals.”

One was massively wealthy corporations. The other, and only thing to stop the takeover of everything we as Americans hold dear…was unions.

And now the unions—for better or worse—are going to be beaten. Because the insanely wealthy have decided to make it so.

governor walker ignores protestersAnd that, that, is how we lose our one and only remaining bit of power from the people. When unions are gone, and only the wealthy can spend huge amounts, can influence, can manipulate facts and PAY to spread the word…We will be powerless against them.

Haven’t you noticed that you’re poorer than you used to be, with the same job, ten years ago?

That’s what’s going on. Hope you don’t mind me telling my side here. Check into who the Koch Brothers are, check into who finances the union busting in Wisconsin. It’s scary, it’s hideous, and I don’t think we’ll survive it. Best of luck to us all.

I’m not hopeful. I want to be. I’m thinking right now that they just have too much money, and we cannot win.

Sometimes I hate money. Is it just the old time hippie in me, or do I have a real point here? My gut tells me it’s all too real.

I’d love to hear your opinions. Please convince me otherwise?

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