Go, Granny, Go Beats the Super Bowl! A Baby Boomer MUST SEE!

beginning of marys 1970s show
Anybody anywhere near my age remembers The Mary Tyler Moore Show in it’s original time frame. It was the 70s, and we were women! Hear us roar!

We all adored Mary and her show. And that’s how we met Cloris Leachman. She played Mary’s uptight and bitchy landlady, Phyllis…

Who is now the star of my day, or possibly year or decade, after what I just saw!

I was skipping around at BlogHer, and discovered that they are going to have a Super Bowl ad! Amazing. Great for them!

So I decided to take a quick peak. I then saw the funniest thing this Baby Boomer has seen in years.

I won’t waste your time with any more chitchat. I’ll show you the real goods!

Meet Cloris Leachman in what may turn out to be her best performance ever!

Warning: If you’re squeamish, it does get a bit—raw!

(Then, because I’ve given you such a treat, you’ve got to tell me what you think of it! Is it a deal?)

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What do you think?

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