HTML5? I’m Too Old For This! But Trés Coolio!

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I’ve been very curious about HTML5, because despite being completely lacking in tech skills, and despite having zero artistic or design talent, I’m still fascinated by and want to keep up with tech trends. Even though I’m in the sunrise of my old age!

I know. We can argue that another time. 57 is the new 45, I hear. Well, tell my dysfuntional back that! I’d be back at school teaching if that were the case. No matter.

lovely woman computes in a fieldSo. In my quest to keep abreast of what’s new, I happened across a gem at It’s a mixture of the music of a Canadian-American indie-rock band called Arcade Fire, Google, the Chrome browser and me. Or you.

I know, it sounds crazy. But somehow they’ve mashed the whole production together with our own social media, (and it keeps pictures of us—I’m in there now, I’m told), and then, using HTML5 (the new and improved detergent web experience to premier shortly), images and messages appear and disappear, come and go, in and out. Whoa. Starting to sound sexy here…

Anyway, it all comes together and rather resembles a bit of your life.  From a satellite. With Facebook. And some music I really don’t care for.

earth plus technology is electrifyingClear enough? You get it, right? Yeah, I didn’t either, until I tried it. I thought it very, very cool! But my buds at, where I came across it, didn’t agree. They had plenty of derogatory things to say about it.

Such as, it’s not any-browser compatible, which is why HTML5 was developed, apparently. Not to mention the fact that the indie-band isn’t really indie because they have gone with a label and continue to make products, as in CDs and mp3 downloads, for money!. In other words, they don’t stream. Gasp!

I guess that’s a big drawback to Open Source types, but for me, the casual ignoramus, it doesn’t really matter a whole lot.

kids on computer readingIt doesn’t play in Internet Explorer (What? <shock> <horror>), but I think the reason for that is pretty clear. (For the sake of my readers who aren’t crazed like me: It’s made by Microsoft. Microsoft and Open Source are diametrically opposed in religion, as open source believes in the freedom of the individual and the wire, and Microsoft believes in money.)

I don’t know if I have that quite right, for like I said, I’m a tech-know-nothing, and that’s not the stuff I pay attention to.

not me but wish it wereSo Open Source stuff can be changed and diddled with by people smarter than me, folks other than the original creator(s). Other brilliant minds take the code for something and improve, reuse, repurpose, and mess with it in all kinds of cool ways that would make me faint and lose the vision in my remaining eye if I tried to have even a glimmer of understanding.

And it is so very free that it makes hummingbirds seem like houseflies on a pile of dog poop.

Onward: So here we have the meet-up of new technology, an old-school-band, music that the kids seem to like, as it sold out Madison Square Gardens (I’m surprised, but then, aren’t I always?), and the bits and pieces of everything going on this moment on your Facebook page and on your Tweetdeck!

Oops, pardon me. Or Hootsuite. Those are the two platforms currently in vogue for Twitter. (They’ll probably not be by the time I finish typing this up, as that’s how quickly things change in our spanking new world, but hey…)

huge wall of monitorsSo despite the fact that it doesn’t utilize bandwith wisely <damn them!>, and the people with the band are quite avaricious*, if I read Wired right, it is nonetheless, they say effusively, “rather pleasant.”

I differ. I was blown away! For me, it was like the first time I got on 14,400 dial-up and saw my first internet screen fill up with clip-artsy, blowsy, splashy banner ads! True joy! I admit, I’m a sucker, and I have bad taste.

But that was Some Day. I still smile. I smile still.

a burst of light comes thru a computer in darkNonetheless I think some of you will quite enjoy it. It’s called “The Wilderness Downtown.” You must be willing to give it your Facebook name, and Twitter too for the full effect. Without it, it’s pretty not much. You will possibly even be asked to jot down a quick note or two during it. As a teacher, that pleases me. No, there isn’t homework.

Oh, yeah. Last but not least? It wants the address of your childhood home. Yeah, I know. Overkill. But hey—I really had a good time! You may like it too.

Meet my first interactive web toy:

hand moves mouse shooting out rays of lightWarning: wants you to know: This video is very resource intensive! Are you sure you’re ready????  That sounds pretty damn ominous. Here goes.

Wait! I meant to tell you. Right after this I’m going to go to my WordPress dashboard and whoop up a page of vibrant, pulsating HTML5 glory.

OK, play the damn thang.

The Wilderness Downtown

fingers tapping at a keyboard in the sunset

*Additional snarkiness on Arctic Fire: Wired claims that they took part in this Google experiment not to advance technology and the beauty and innate kindness that is mankind, but to promote themselves. Must be true, because Wired got “a nasty feeling” about it.

So there, Arctic Fire! A gimmick! I’m appalled. In this golden, altruistic age, when the wealthy are sharing with the poor, and all’s right with the world? Pure #shameonyou.

Even more snappily, their management has allegedly attacked fansites for posting news before the official announcements!

This is disheartening indeed.

I can’t believe anyone would even print news of this rotten group of scoundrels. Wired was wrong to even—

Never mind.

Well, what did you think? I’d really love to know.

The Wilderness Downtown

Arctic Fire: Arctic Fire

I’m an affiliate. My bands (from the olden days…) are on CDBaby, and I’ll have a little cozy love forever.

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