If You Think Wisconsin Is Just About Money You’re Wrong

unions are busted

And believe me. It’s not really about Wisconsin.

Not in the bigger picture.

It’s not about union benefits and cheap-ass teachers and snowplowers and park workers who aren’t willing to pay the same money the rest of us have to either. They’ve already said they’ll make the necessary adjustments on money.

big stone covers littleOh! If you think it’s because Wisconsin is broke—no! They’re having a great year. A surplus even!

It’s wayyyyy, way bigger than that, and a lot more complex.

I’m on the side of the Senators who left the state to avoid the vote they were being forced to make by the Republican government of the state. And it was to be voted on within a week of introduction! That never happens on these things unless there’s another underlying reason to rush it.

Should lawmakers generally just leave when things don’t go their way? Of course not! I agree, it seems insane!

Wisconsin protesters demonstrateShould teachers simply decide not to go to school, thus putting out all the parents who have to miss work to take care of their kids? Absolutely not.

Yet still I support them. Why?

Because this is about something MUCH bigger than that, and you should at least know about it before you make a final and forever judgment on these people. Because soon it will affect you in ways you might not have anticipated.

Quite frankly, you may soon find yourself in a country managed only, only by Big Money. We’re almost there already. And I’m not sure Americans are going to like that.

First, if you will, listen to this broadcast. Please? It’s important. It’s about bake sales versus billionaires.

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So, let’s make sure it’s clear. The Koch Brothers? They’re an incredibly wealthy pair who can now put all the power of their money behind anyone they want politically, because the Supreme Court deemed they could. Yes, they have their fingers in this. And in just about every other American pie you can think of. Did you know that? I didn’t.

Corporations? Yep, they can donate just as you and I can. Except, well…They a useless broken egghappen to be a gajillion times more wealthy than any of us, so the money’s not quite…the same, is it? In fact, the only other groups allowed to are—unions.

Hear that? The ONLY THING STANDING IN THEIR WAY IS…unions. That’s it. UNIONS stand between people and Corporate Power at its incredibly boocoo* RICHER THAN DIRT most powerful.

Nobody else has the power they do. Nobody. Hell, I’d get rid of unions too, wouldn’t you? If you were them?

But we’re not, are we?

And the unions are about to be busted.

And when they’re gone, what stands in the corporations way?

Zero. Zip. Nada.

Corporations will have no opposition. None with any money, anyway.

Think it over. How does it sound? Not so much like a bunch of cheap-ass teachers now, is it? It’s a bit—bigger.

I’d love to know what you think. Please tell me. I know many won’t agree with me. That’s okay. It’s still better than having the corporations being the only ones responding to my blog.

Because let’s be honest. They won’t be bothering with folks like you and me. We’re just people.

Nothing powerful for them to worry about out here amongst us, right?


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  1. Hey kiddo. I just wanted to pop over and say hi. I love the egg photo. Sadly I lost concentration half way through the post itself. It wasn’t that it was boring. I’m just too sleep deprived to be able to follow anything for long.

  2. Ben Pyman says:

    Great piece Paula. Australian politics is going the same way. Union money to the left, business and corporate money to the right. A lot of political donations go un-reported.

    I can safely say that business is here to stay. The Union movement I’m not so sure. Over 10 years of conservative governmet here GREATLY eroded the Union movement. Political campaigns are becoming more and more ‘Presidential’ here. It takes a LOT of money to run successfully for government.

    Surely people on both sides of politics would agree that if the Union movement collapses and their money is gone, democracy will be the looser.

    What’s happening in Wisconsin IS about money, but not in the way people might thing. More importantly, what’s happening in Wisconsin is not just about Wisconsin… It’s about the whole of the political system in much of the Western World.

    • Oh, Ben. You have it so frickin’ right. Of COURSE it’s about money. But not about the pensions of some mailmen!

      It’s the real money. The big money. The money that has overtaken most democracies in the Western World. I’m so glad a friend from ‘away’ chimed in here. It’s happening EVERYWHERE, folks. We are not alone in this takeover.

      Ben is right. Do you know what percentage of people own the massive amount of wealth? A small part of 1%. They have almost all of it. That can’t be freedom. No democracy there.

      People, we have to WAKE UP! Fox News and Corporate Money are creating our opinions now! So many are MAD at those civil employees in Wisconsin. So many of us voted for Republicans in the midterms. We VOTED AWAY our own protections and safeguards, because of frustration! Where, ask yourself…WHERE did that information come from???

      Oh, Ben. Heaven help us all. Because I sure can’t. I’m going to write about revolution being a theme lately. And I’m not sure it will stay in the Middle East. Are you???

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