Ya Gotta Love Apple! Even Their Email Rules!

Damn! How beautiful is this? I’m modeling my next newsletter after this. Ah. HA. Hahah. hehehehhh. Uh.

I’m so sorry. Kick me if you want. Here ya go…When you click to make it bigger, and you get to the real place—it isn’t. You’ll still need to click on it yet again.

Dang! Dumb. But even more DANG-ier still? Apple rules. For me, it always has.

I love me my Apple. I’m scared about what will happen to my future stuff if Steve Jobs doesn’t return for some reason. (I won’t even GO there…)

What say you about it? I’d love to know.

Anatomy of an Apple Email
Flowtown – Social Media Marketing Application

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What do you think?

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